Susan Lee is a comic book creator, a fine artist, a writer, and a director. She has been a writer since she could use the alphabet, writing poetry no one will ever read, and volumes and volumes of prose hidden in numerous notebooks throughout her various living spaces. 

Her novel, “Shadow of the Knight” (available on Amazon.com) has been praised as solidly written, fast-paced psychological thriller” and “a rollercoaster ride of a story that dragged me along unable to sleep, unable to put it down”. Her graphic novel, “Wraith of Love” (also available on Amazon.com), is a three part series which she wrote, drew, inked, et al., inspired by Frank Miller and Jim Steranko. 

Despite the black white nature of her comic book work, Susan is a trained Impressionist painter and specializes in portraits. She has been teaching fine art and traditional drawing techniques for more than a decade. Never one to be still, Susan has also been a theater and film director for most of her adult life. She lives to create. And to hang out with her weirdo cat, Indiana Jones, because every creative needs to have their familiar.