Online Wine & Watercolor - Harry Potter

It’s been rough all over these days and I miss teaching this class live and in-person. For that reason, I thought I’d try one online and see how everyone does!

Join me on June 19 at 7 PM for the first online Wine & Watercolor, featuring our most popular subject – Harry Potter! (You could also sneak in a Fantastic Beast if you’d like).

The class will take place using Zoom. Please download the app early and give it a try so you won’t be dealing with technical issues at the time of the class.

Because I want to make sure everyone gets the personal attention you’re used to in this class, I’m limiting the size of this first class to only 10 people. I want to see how it works at this size before I increase the number of participants. So sign up early to secure your spot!

I will have a series of step-by-step drawings you can choose from, if you’re not comfortable with your drawing skills.

You’ll find a list below of the supplies required. You’ll have to supply your own wine this time, sorry! However, if you’d rather, you can come by my place in Burbank and do a curbside pick-up of supplies if you aren’t up to facing Michaels.

Class fee:
$10 if you provide your own supplies
$20 if you want to do a curbside pick-up of supplies from me
(Sorry, still no wine provided.)

Zoom credentials will be forwarded to those who register.

Watercolors – any kind will work. I use the tube ones from Michaels which are $5.99 without a coupon –

Paper – I usually use canvas boards for this class but you can also use regular watercolor paper.  

Canvas boards – $8.49 for 5 –

Watercolor Paper – $9.49 for 12 sheets –
(Don’t use their Artist Loft version of watercolor paper, it’s not good enough)

Brushes – a large brush (I used a 2-3 inch chip brush), a #6 or #8 watercolor brush, a small detail brush
A set like this from Michaels works –

2 Cups for water

Palette for paint – could be a white plastic plate or an actual palette

Paper towels

Blow dryer (sorry, I can’t provide this!)

Wine or your choice of beverage

Harry Potter online

Fundamentals of Art

barry drawing

Always wanted to learn how to draw but didn’t think you could? Or are you an experienced artist wanted to firm up some fundamentals or try something new? This is the class for you!

For beginners – we start with simple still life set-ups to learn fundamentals of drawing. Yes, it will be a lot of cups and bowls and apples at first, but it is necessary to use simple objects in order to be able to understand the tools you will be given. These tools will let you draw anything you want once we’re through with the basics. We move on to learning tones to create volume and depth. From there, work continues into portraits to pull it all together. From there, you tell me where you want to go. It will take 3-6 months to go through these levels, depending on your comprehension and attendance. But it’s worth spending the time learning the basics so you can then apply them to everything else!

For experienced artists – It’s up to you as to what you’d like to do. Always wanted to try watercolor? Need to brush up on color theory? Want to create your own comic book? Need help learning anatomy and get better at drawing people? Let me know and I’ll make a plan so you can get better!

Although this is a group class, every student works at their own pace and receives individual attention. Class size is limited.

Class is open to everyone ages 15 through 115. All you need is enthusiasm!

Class fee: $45 per class, discount available for monthly payments in advance. No refunds. Classes must be cancelled 24 hours in advance for credit for the following month.


Classes are currently held online on Sundays 12:30-2:00

Class fees